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Global Indirect Tax Benchmarking 2022

PwC’s Indirect Tax benchmarking service is designed to provide a concise and clear understanding of how businesses approach the management of Indirect Taxes, how effectiveness can be assessed and what “best practice” looks like.


Initial Insights from PwC’s Indirect Tax Benchmarking 

PwC’s Indirect Tax benchmarking survey has been live for a few weeks, and we are excited to share some initial insights with you. We asked businesses how they approach the management of Indirect Taxes, what role technology has in operational Indirect Tax and how tax fits into the wider business. 

We’ve analysed the initial data to bring you some key insights into the biggest challenges and what others are doing to effectively manage indirect taxes.

The flyer below includes some initial analysis, and further information on how to complete the survey if you have not already.

What is the Benchmarking Survey?

As Indirect Taxes have evolved in global presence, its effective management has become an increasingly important and complex task. Unsurprisingly, there is a wide variety of approaches to the management of Indirect Taxes across businesses and industries. This variety is driven by a number of factors including geographical scope, industry sector, commercial pressures, cost constraints, strategic focus, maturity of the business and the nature of its activities. It is often difficult for a business to gauge the effectiveness and the value added by the Indirect Tax function both in isolation and in comparison with other similar sized businesses or those facing similar tax issues.

PwC has developed a benchmarking survey to help anyone objectively assess how well the Indirect Tax function is contributing to the execution of the overall business strategy. 

Benchmark results compare performance with other ‘similar’ peer group organisations, and are used to baseline, identify, quantify and prioritise those potential improvement opportunities offering the greatest potential return, plus highlighting areas at risk.  This provides the factual basis and context for creating a plan to drive change.

How do I complete the survey?

Simply access and answer the questionnaire below -

Access the Indirect Tax Benchmarking Survey

The questionnaire will automatically evaluate your results and share a short summary report with you. Please note that we are not able to share your results of the survey until a threshold of number of responses have been reached, this is in order to ensure the benchmarking is relative to a large cross section of the market in which you are present. 

Depending on your results, you may wish to discuss and arrange a meeting with PwC to discuss the analysis provided in your bespoke survey.