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What is the IOSS - Import-One-Stop-Shop?

The Import-One-Stop-Shop ("IOSS“) allows for the sales, of specific imported goods (not exceeding a value of EUR 150), to EU private individuals to collect, declare and pay the VAT to the tax authorities in one single declaration. A seller not resident in the EU will have to appoint an intermediary. The IOSS is limited to goods which are not subject to excise duties.



PwC Services

PwC will assist with the IOSS intermediary and compliance services. This includes the following: 


Assistance with the IOSS registration by a dedicated team through the completion of a digital questionnaire  via Engagement Center (our digital platform)


- Upload of data via Engagement Center

- Preparation of draft return

- Review/approval of return 

- Submission of return


Information regarding a.o. the amount of the VAT due, the payment due date, as well as the bank account details will be shared each month by PwC through Engagement Center


Assistance with all communications received from the Belgian VAT authorities by indicating all necessary actions (if any) and deadlines


By means of periodic newsflashes, we will inform on important changes that might affect your business

PwC will have a dedicated “hotline” for all questions regarding the IOSS VAT compliance obligations


Fee arrangement

The yearly fee for the above mentioned IOSS service is as follows:

Up to 199 parcels per year

945 EUR / year

Between 200 and 999 parcels per year

2,945 EUR / year

From 1000 parcels per year

5,650 EUR / year

IOSS Registration form

To see our registration process and to register your interest please complete this form available in your language:

EN >  ES >  NL>  FR>  DE>

Should you have any questions, please contact the IOSS team (


When can I apply the IOSS scheme?

Any taxable person: 

  • who sells goods (excluding goods subject to excise duties) in parcels with a value below EUR 150
  • In a B2C relation 
  • which are transported directly from outside the EU to the customer within the EU

Do I need to appoint a representative in the EU?

If you are not established in the EU you will need to appoint an intermediary to be able to use the IOSS scheme - this is included in our service offering. If you are established in the EU you do not need to appoint a representative. 

When will my IOSS VAT return need to be submitted?

For the IOSS the tax period is one calendar month and the return is to be submitted electronically by the end of the following month 

When is the payment of the VAT due?

The payment of the VAT is due by the end of the month following the tax period 

Is a nil VAT return to be filed?

Yes to the extent you have not sold any goods during a given tax period - a nil VAT return will have to be submitted 

Can I recover VAT on costs incurred through the IOSS VAT return?

No, said VAT is to be recovered through a so called 13th Directive refund procedure 


Also return shipments will have to be included in the IOSS VAT return