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Commission publishes report on ‘VAT in the Digital Age’

  • EU
  • August 05th 2022
  • By Danny Campbell

The European Commission has published its report on 'VAT in the Digital Age'  - part of the Commission’s action plan for fair and simple taxation, which includes looking at whether, or how, the current EU VAT rules need to be adapted to doing business in the digital age, and how tax authorities can use technology to fight tax fraud and benefit businesses by reducing complexity and compliance costs. The report covers three distinct but interrelated areas of VAT policy: 1) Digital Reporting Requirements (DRRs); 2) The VAT Treatment of the Platform Economy; and 3) The Single VAT Registration and Import One Stop Shop (IOSS). The purpose of the Report is two-fold: (i) to assess the current situation with regard to the three domains listed above; and (ii) to assess the impacts of a number of possible policy initiatives in these areas. The report is intended to feed into the preparation of an impact assessment by the European Commission, to accompany possible future legislative or non-legislative initiatives.

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