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Government Decree on COVID-19 tax measures

  • HU
  • May 04th 2020
  • By Laszlo Deak

Government Decree No. 140/2020 (IV. 21) on Tax Facilities Necessary to Mitigate the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic within the framework of the Economic Relief Action Plan, has been published in Magyar Közlöny (the official government gazette). The new Decree contains provisions on the facilitative tax measures introduced in connection with the current epidemic situation, and on the adjustment of tax-related deadlines and due dates. In addition to these facilitative measures, the Ministry of Finance announced that certain SMEs may receive their VAT refunds in a maximum of 30 days instead of the previous 75 days, and that period may be further reduced to 20 days for companies that qualify as 'reliable taxpayers'. However, this measure does not apply to 'high-risk taxpayers', who will continue to receive their VAT refunds within the 75 day time limit.

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