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Interested in accessing Brexit Analyser?

A Brexit indirect tax impact assessment can help you to:

  • Identify the potential increase in customs duty and admin costs for raw materials, parts or finished goods under the different Brexit models e.g. Norwegian, Swiss, EU Free Trade and World Trade Organisation

- Imported into the UK
- Exported from the UK into the EU
- Exported from the UK to the Rest of World (ROW)

  • Make informed alternative procurement decisions for imported goods whether raw materials, parts or finished goods.
  • Identify potential operational risk areas in EU sales/distribution models,i.e. Can distance sales models still be used? Can you continue to operate customs warehousing or identify alternative models?
  • Identify additional statutory compliance requirements, i.e. new VAT registrations and import duties covered under the Senior Accounting Officer regime.
  • Hold informed discussions with the business (Board and Senior Executives) and external stakeholders (customs brokers and freight agents) to fully understand current operating model and exploring alternative operating models to mitigate Brexit impact whilst also ensuring business continuity.

If you would like additional information on the tool please contact Matthew Clark ( or Claire McCaffray (

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