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Interested in accessing GlobalDigitalTaxOnline (GDTO)? is an online subscription service, combining the work of PwC’s Global Tax Policy Team with our renowned GlobalVATOnline functionality and content from direct and indirect teams around the world. It provides up-to-date business critical information and tools to manage your digital/electronic services tax rates, rules and requirements.

In a time when information is key and compliance is vital, GlobalDigitalTaxOnline (GDTO) is an essential tool to help navigate the complex world of tax and the reporting of various digital/electronic services.

The Digital Tax Overview module provides a visualisation and high level assessment in a standardised format of the measures countries have taken. It combines a review of VAT/ GST  electronically supplied services measures and digital service taxes (DSTs), equalisation levies, digital permanent establishment rules and more.

If you want a deeper dive into the legislation of countries with gross revenue taxes, the Global DST Legislation Hub provides analysis and a comparative visualisation.

Contact your local PwC representative for a free tailored demonstration of how GDTO can benefit your Tax/VAT/GST function.

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