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Indirect Tax Edge is a modular, data-analytics driven solution that manages period-end compliance reporting, transactional tax compliance and data and process quality management in a single global application platform. Developed with business users in mind, this software features intuitive workflows, advanced analytics, exception management and self-service dashboards within an easy-to-use web application interface.

Against a backdrop of increased scrutiny from tax authorities and compliance regulators - Indirect Tax Edge gives you the confidence that your transactional data is correct plus allows you to meet your traditional and real-time reporting obligations.

Indirect Tax Edge is backed by PwC’s global network, and is specifically designed as a future-proof and scalable platform that can grow with your business; allowing you to start simple then expand and enhance your process when you are ready. 



Indirect Tax Edge is designed to be a complete tax compliance reporting and data management system. From the one application, you can now perform data management and analytics along with traditional compliance reporting and e-filing.  

Period-end Compliance Reporting

For many organisations, meeting filing obligations can often be a time consuming, manual task involving shifting data from accounting systems into Excel spreadsheets where the return is finally prepared. 

Indirect Tax Edge is designed to automatically prepare the period-end report for you with data uploaded from source systems, reducing risk and providing a full audit trail of actions. It features automated analytics and reconciliations and allows you to make line item adjustments along with workflows that provide full control over signoff.

Real-time Reporting 

Real-time reporting is on the rise, with many countries now introducing or set to introduce voluntary and mandatory transaction reporting submissions, on numerous standards. The timing varies from inclusion with monthly/quarterly VAT returns through to real-time reporting to the tax authorities at the time of the invoice creation. 

Real-time reporting is easily managed directly within Indirect Tax Edge with custom dashboards to manage and understand the status of each of your obligations.  A simple submission process sends your transactional data to the relevant authorities - with jurisdiction specific data quality checks performed before submission.

Data and Process Quality

Ensuring your data is accurate and ready for reporting is a key factor to ensuring compliance in reporting and providing peace of mind to businesses.

Indirect Tax Edge offers sophisticated controls testing across 100% of transactional data with over 200 built-in compliance and data quality checks. Built using a signal-based approach Indirect Tax Edge provides a highly accurate exception matching process, resulting in more accurate true positives and less false positive noise  - saving time and increasing efficiencies in the review and adjustment process. 

Indirect Tax Edge also provides quick identification of the most high risk transactions that can result in under or over payments. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for business users to quickly understand exceptions, and smart workflows help the user to verify and make edits as necessary.

Data Analytics and Insight

Tax data analytics has never been more important. With the increased focus on compliance and real-time reporting it’s crucial for tax teams to understand their tax data and how it performs in their business. 

Indirect Tax Edge provides drill-down visualisation to the underlying ERP transactions and tax calculations. This level of transparency and traceability provides your tax team with the ability to understand the drivers behind each number - providing greater insight into risk management and wider business processes improvement.

With an intuitive user interface aimed at business users and self-service dashboards to easily explore and extract meaningful insight from tax data, Indirect Tax Edge provides unprecedented visibility and increased transparency into your indirect tax affairs.

Indirect Tax Edge is a modular, flexible solution:

From cost-effective solutions to full service roll-outs - Indirect Tax Edge is a modular platform that offers flexibility to support your business from simple usage through to complex global scenarios.  Functionality can be enabled as required to effectively manage all of your local and global compliance reporting obligations, delivering enhanced management insights and control of operational tax risk.

Indirect Tax Edge can be rolled out for an insource, outsource or as a co-source solution. 


Indirect Tax Edge delivers all the features and functionality required to successfully manage your indirect tax compliance and reporting obligations from the one easy-to-use application.  

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