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Interested in accessing GCC - Customs e-Fitness diagnostic tool?

“Customs e-Fitness” is our online self-evaluation tool capable of providing immediate feedback, at a high level, on your current Customs compliance status. 

Why could this be relevant to you? 

PwC has developed Customs e-Fitness to quickly and effectively help you identify potential areas of non-compliance and opportunities to manage the customs liability of your business in a more efficient manner.

As such, any company who is involved in import and export activities or has recently undergone the challenges of restructuring its business model or its supply chain structure may wish to undertake this high-level assessment.

Why is it important to maintain Customs compliance? 

Having permanent monitoring on your Customs compliance helps reduce the risk of the following:

  • Historic exposure due to the omission in the payment of import duties (even involuntary), impacting your financial and commercial position;
  • Potential fines for committing customs offences, either based on the omitted customs duties (in some cases up to twice the value of the goods) or administrative fines related to improper customs declaration fulfillment;
  • Disruption to your supply chain and potential unintended delays;
  • Reputational damage;
  • Jeopardizing your relationship with customs and trade authorities.

Please see the following flyers for UAE and KSA for more information. 

Customs e-Fitness first steps 

Simply access and answer the customs questionnaire through the following link 

The questionnaire will then automatically calculate your level of Customs compliance and share this as a simple graphic. 

Depending on your results, you may wish to discuss and arrange a meeting with PwC to take the necessary steps below. 

Next steps 

  1. Post evaluation, a greater in-depth assessment may be undertaken using our smart questionnaire to assess and identify the specific areas of concerns, opportunities and risks relating to your business from a Customs perspective. 
  2. Once our in depth assessment is completed, a final report will be provided outlining identified issues, level of compliance and a suggested short, medium and long term remedial action plan for your review and consideration.
  3. The suggested remedial action plan will be at your disposal to help insure effective customs compliance and efficient duty liability management moving forward.

The above steps will be subject to further internal risk management clearance from PwC before we can engage in providing the services. 

For further queries, please feel free to contact us at:

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