The Enlargement of the EU - Opportunities for Business and Trade


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25 Aug 2005

The book is a guide for businesses that want to take advantage of an internal market with 450 million inhabitants. It is practical guide, intended to offer a reference framework for businesses trading within the accession countries and also for businesses that do not want to miss out on the new opportunities.

The book is split into three sections:
  • The first section outlines the new framework of the EU and how the enlargement will impact on businesses . It will answer questions on: migration of labour forces, border controls, European investment, economic changes and preparing business for enlargement.
  • The second section concentrates on the new legislation that has come into force in the accession countries since 1 May 2004 and practical illustration and examples. A list of Frequently Asked Questions looks at the impact of enlargement on a number of areas including proscribed state aids, intellectual property and human resources.
  • Finally, direct and indirect (VAT, customs and excise) taxation are also dealt with. Amongst the questions coming up for discussion here are: What are the corporate tax rates? Will the VAT rules in the 10 new member states (and in the other 15) be identical? What changes are there regarding customs and excise? And what transitional measures are there?

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