Study on the VAT exemption for financial and insurance services




8 Dec 2006

Today the EU Commission has published the PwC Study to Increase the Understanding of the Economic Effects of the VAT exemption for Financial and Insurance Services.

The report concludes that the existing VAT rules for financial and insurance services are outdated, create uncertainty and act as a barrier to economic efficiency. This must change in order for EU businesses in the Financial Services sector to remain competitive

The objectives of the study are to provide evidence of the inefficiency of the current situation and to identify options to remove inefficiency from the current system.

For more detailed information, please contact:
Ine Lejeune (Belgium) +32 9 268 8300
Cathy Hargreaves (UK) +44 20 7212 5575
Stephen Coleclough (UK) +44 20 7212 4911
John Fay (Ireland) + 353 1 704 8701
Frans Oomen (The Netherlands) +31 20 568 4781
Inge Stuyver (Belgium) + 32 3 259 3181
Lizzie Bott (UK) +44 20 7213 5046
Antony Brooker (UK) +44 20 7804 2188

Please find attached the final Study on the VAT exemption for financial and insurance services, split into 3 parts:

- management summary
- main report
- annexes

Financial Services Study Management Summary.pdfFinancial Services Study Main Report.pdfFinancial Services Study Annexes.pdf