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PwC VAT DNA Matrix

The PwC VAT DNA Matrix is an online tool to retrieve VAT information on an EU level covering current and future legislation, as well as case law and Member States' implementation of EU legislation.

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Key benefits
  • Get inside information on proposed/adopted legal changes to EU VAT legislation
    • Search for Sixth Directive/Recast Directive articles to see whether they will be subject to change
    • Look for specific proposals to see which articles they concern
    • See how articles will look if the proposed changes are implemented
    • Search for Recast Directive articles to see which "old" proposals or adopted Directives or Regulations have, or will have, an impact on the chosen article
  • Follow-up implementation of EU VAT legislation by Member States
    • If a particular article of the Recast Directive or the Sixth Directive grants an option to Member States, see which Member States have implemented the option in their local legislation
  • Follow-up on ECJ cases
    • Search for all VAT-related cases using keywords (case name, number, date, etc.)
    • Get a summary of the case, including the business impact for all VAT-related cases from 2003 onwards
    • Go easily to the original case on the official ECJ website in the language of your choice
  • Link between the Sixth Directive and the Recast Directive and vice versa
    • If you are more familiar with the Sixth Directive, you can still use your acquired knowledge to go quickly to the new text of the Recast Directive
    • If you want to check proposals, adopted Directives or Regulations or ECJ cases related to a particular article of the Recast Directive, simply click on the relevant articles and you will get all the details, linked to the corresponding article of the Sixth Directive